Bullies to the Rescue saves a dozen French Bulldogs

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Nearly a dozen French Bulldogs have made the trip from Kentucky to Charlotte, after they were found living in brutal conditions.

A Charlotte shelter group took the bulldogs under their wing.

Bullies to the Rescue is a local bulldog rescue group that saves bulldogs from puppy mills and other dangerous situations.

"It's all about the bulldogs to us and making them healthy and giving them a second chance," Bullies to the Rescue volunteer said.

Jessica Wallace, a volunteer with the shelter found out about the puppies and drove with her husband six hours to pick them up.

"We went in rescued the dogs, got the dogs out of the conditions and brought them back here," Wallace said.

The shelter operates solely on donations and that is the only way they can pay for the veterinary bills to keep these animals healthy.

The bulldogs are being rehabilitated in the Harris veterinary office in Charlotte.

If you would like to donate or adopt one of these dogs click here.