Burglars targeting York County gun stores

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A number of York County gun stores have been targeted by people trying to burglarize for weapons, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

"Two federal firearms licensees in York County, South Carolina have experienced burglaries that did not result in the theft of firearms," the ATF said in an email to businesses on Tuesday.

"Further attempts may be made, so please ensure the security of both your inventory and property, and report all suspicious persons or activity to your local police department.

The two stores are J.J. Aim Right Gun Shop and Sportman Inc. 

This comes after The Lone Coyote Gun Works was broken into back in June. No guns were stolen in this case because they were locked overnight in a safe.

"They're going to run into one of us and it's not going to be pretty, they're not going to run away," owner Bruce Eisenmann said.

No arrests have been made in that case but Eisenmann's previous store location was broken into back in 2016 and he said security footage appears to show one of the same men charged with that crime back in his new store after being released from prison.

The York County Sheriff's Office would not name any suspects and said it's an active investigation.

"We're going to take the measures necessary to stop it," Eisenmann said.