Burke County neighbors concerned about water damage

Cleanup continues in Burke County after runoff from nearby counties and communities that led to high water and evacuations.

The water has receded, nut we are now hearing the stories of heroism, and what's been left behind.

A look around Shannon Burkes' camper tells just how much of a mess she has to clean up. When it flooded this weekend, it came up to her bed. Her carpet is still soaked.

“The damage I’ve had to deal with… only God can help me with, because I’ve lost everything,” said Shannon.

FOX 46 was there Sunday as the water was still high. Authorities are organizing evacuations, but some neighbors opted to stay until it was nearly too late.


One of them was Burkes' grandfather, a man that neighbor Matt Pruett stepped in to save.

“It was past my ankles inside. The man was sitting in the water,” Matt said. 

That was in the camper. The water itself was chest deep on the ground. Kristy Pruett looked on as her husband and another man waded through it.

“He’s going out there and the electricity was still on and all the contamination,” said Kristy. 

Crews with Chesterfield Fire and Rescue in Burke County say the road closures and the high water led to their volunteer force being manned for around 60 straight hours.

The runoff from nearby communities came down to these areas, leading to all the problems.

“It ruined things. My mother and dad have passed away, and it ruined things I’ll never be able to get back,” Burkes said. 

The big worries now for some that were affected by the floods now include mold and the fact the water was contaminated with raw sewage. Many we spoke with say they're looking for new places to stay, on higher ground.