Burnout from work now a diagnosable condition

If you feel emotionally exhausted from work it turns out, you are not alone. You may actually be suffering from burnout. The World Health Organization officially classified burnout as a diagnosable condition.

“I’m not surprised,” said Jesse Roberts who owns Charlotte Counseling and Wellness. “I see it every day with my clients,” he explained. It’s more than just the Monday morning blues. He feels it’s a good thing that more people are paying attention to burnout in general because it is very real.

“You just feel this absolute dread of going into work. It could be working at a restaurant or being a physician, everyone experiences burnout,” said Roberts.

Burnout stems from chronic workplace stress that isn’t managed successfully. The signs to look for include feeling depleted of energy, feeling mentally distanced or cynical from work and even problems getting your job done successfully.

When it comes to managing stress, Roberts says it’s all about self-care and trying to find a work-life balance.

“Get that massage, go for that walk, take that dance class or go to the gym. Do something for yourself to prevent burnout from whatever it is that you’re passionate about that’s you’re investing yourself in,” said Roberts. He also stresses that you should try to create healthy boundaries, focus on eating healthy and even consider speaking with a professional.

Burnout only applies to a professional work setting.