Business owners, community work together to end City violence

The number of homicides, now at 20 in Charlotte, is more than double compared to seven this time last year.

FOX 46 Charlotte went to a town hall where business owners and members of the community want to end the violence.

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Dozens of people came together at Red at 28th to discuss what needs to change. This meeting came just three days after five people were stabbed outside of the lounge.  

“What did you do between the time that you woke up this morning until you got here to make your community better?”

“If you don’t step up and take charge of your community, nothing is happening.”

A neighboring business owner said the town hall was his first opportunity to express his opinion about the violence on Sunday.

“Jazz is a business owner just like I am. So, I’m not after him to close his business. I’m after him to not allow that element in his business and to do something to prohibit that.”

Jazz said he was discouraged by what happened and was hired more security. Wands will be used to check patrons as they enter and officers will not patrol the parking lot.

“We don’t do the dance floor. I used to have pool tables in here…I took them out because people want to gamble. They come in here and want to play hard core music…I took out all the juke boxes. I’m very adamant about making sure that energy don’t come in here,” he explained.

Seven people were killed in Charlotte this time last year. So far, this year 20 people have been killed. It’s a drastic increase and CMPD said it’s mostly gun violence between people who know each other.

“What we’re working on how is trying to build relationships with community members and really talk about de-escalation and things of that nature and conflict resolution. So we can stop some of these disagreements before things go away.”

CMPD has solved 15 of the 20 homicides. There is now a $1,000 reward for answers in Tuesday night’s murder of Carson Christian Jr. on Wendover Road and the reward in Anthony Frazier’s case has risen to $20,000.