Butler High School parents, students say make-up day is unfair

Several Butler High School parents say they won't be sending their children to school to make up a day missed after a shooting on campus left one student dead in October. Several students also told FOX 46 they don't plan to attend. 

"It will count as an unexcused absence, but it's okay. My daughter has really good attendance anyway and I just feel that it's just the principle of it that she's not here," said parent Shamona Duren.

CMS schools let out for the summer on Friday, June 7, except for Butler. Many parents and students say it's wrong and unfair to make the kids return for a make-up day Monday. 

"I think it's ridiculous. Like, we took a day to grieve and they're making us make it up like we did something wrong, like we willingly missed a day you know," senior Bojana Simanic said. 


The state mandates students make up a day missed after a school shooting in October, when Bobby McKeithan was killed during a fight in the hallway.

"I'll be surprised if anyone shows up, honestly," Simanic said. 

John Lloyd attends UNC Charlotte and knows the impact of a school shooting. He believes CMS should be more understanding.

"The school showed us leniency and understood our concerns and I feel like they should do the same. I don't think they should penalize kids for something they had nothing to do with, and if testing is done then what are they going to do?" Lloyd said. 

In May, a petition urging the NC General Assembly for a change received thousands of signatures but school officials decided not pursue that option. Instead students are told Monday they're to be in class. 

"I heard that they're going to be doing little support groups or something like that and making us talk about it but you know, it was so long ago if they wanted to do that they could have done it in the moment when it happened," said Simanic. 

CMS is upholding their attendance policy so, students who don't attend will be marked absent.