Butler High School students turn to social media following school shooting

Students are now turning to social media to cope with the sudden loss of a friend.

Social media was trending with a lot of hashtags, Monday, relating to the death of 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen.

Students used it to show what was happening in the moments following the shooting; they’re now using social media to express how they feel about their friend who lost his life.

In video posted online following the shooting, parents could hear their kids screaming inside the school.

One is heard asking, “what's going on?"

On the other side of the doors, their kids wanted to get out of Butler High School.

"Let us out,” one student demanded.

Video posted on social media shows the stampede of students trying to reach their parents when the doors were finally opened.

Hours later, authorities announced the victim was 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen.

Well before that, however, on Instagram his friends were posting pictures wishing he rest in peace, using the hashtag “LLB” meaning "live long bobby."

Some posted three words perhaps not said often enough, “I love you.”

Some posted McKeithen was their first friend, their best friend; some didn't even know him, but expressed heartbreak for the Matthews community.