Butler HS students confront CMS board members about mandated make-up day

Butler High School students made their feelings about the extra day added to their school year known to Charlotte Mecklenburg School leaders on Tuesday. The mandatory school day was scheduled to make up for the one missed following a deadly school shooting. 

It’s been one week since students found out they'll have to have that extra day, and it’s something many call 'a slap in the face.’ 

The Butler students told council members that they feel like the extra makeup day because of it is too much to ask. 

"It really feels like they don't care. They care about numbers,” senior Ethan Elmore said, 

They want answers on why.

"Everyone's life was changed that day,” Kennedy Bergin, also a senior at the school, told FOX 46. 

The students are backed up by thousands of people at this point. Nearly 4,000 people have signed an online petition to urging the State General Assembly for a change.

Despite CMS being the one making the decision, they say there wasn't much of a choice.

"It's a difficult situation, and certainly there aren't a lot of great options among difficult choices,” CMS spokesperson Tracey Russ said. 

The students actually went face to face with board members tonight to try and get answers. A waiver for the day would have to come for the General Assembly in Raleigh, something the district says they looked into.

“The legislative process is subject to timing, unknown obstacles, and for that reason we opted to not further explore the legislative option,” Russ said. 

It may be just one day, but it is one day too much for students, parents, and petitioners for Butler. 

"It's something we shouldn't have to make up for, and it only shows they care about 'oh, you have a certain amount of hours you have to make up.  Apparently, that's their reasoning as to why,” Elmore said. 

CMS has said that June 10 makeup day will have a focus on community building and mental health, but a number of parents we have spoken with have said they plan on keeping their kid out.