Cabarrus County Schools employees left without pay due to error

Cabarrus County Schools employees have not gotten paid, according to a message Friday morning from the lead finance official to employees in the district.

According to district officials, payroll files for monthly-paid Cabarrus County Schools employees were not processed due to a file processing error. As a result, employees did not receive their paychecks through direct deposit checks into their accounts.

The head of finance at Cabarrus County Schools sent a message to all Cabarrus County Schools employees, which said, “We have discovered the error and have worked with the banks.”

The message went on to say, “We sincerely apologize for this error and take full responsibility for it. Any overdrafts or NSF fees related to this transaction will be reimbursed by the district.”

The Cabarrus County Schools head of finance told employees that there was an approval level that did not finalize, which caused the file to remain at Bank of America, “rather than disbursing to all the banks.”

The district says the mistake has been corrected and the files are now being processed. All funds will be dated effective Aug. 31, 2018. Payroll funds should be applied to employees’ accounts by the close of business today. Employees should not incur overdraft charges. If they do, the district will provide a reimbursement.