Cam Newton posts mug shot, talks about past mistakes on social media

Cam Newton posted a mugshot of himself from nine years ago on Instagram Wednesday, and it certainly got a lot of attention from his followers.

"As I think about my life and the many things I’m thankful for I want to be an open book so people can hear my testimony and learn from the flaws and mistake I made," he wrote in the Instagram post. "But the moral of the story is on this day I thought my life and career was over…I vowed to myself on this day 9 years ago that I would be better from this situation"

The emotional post talked about one of the biggest mistakes he's ever made: stealing a laptop at the university of Florida on November 21, 2008.

"I want people to look at me and say Cam is still going strong but look at the mistakes he's made and I want to be an example I’m still a work in progress myself for me to say I’m perfected I’d be lying to you," he said in Wednesday's locker room presser.

The post, with more than 215,000 likes, focuses mostly on gratitude, second chances, and how far he's come.

"I thought he was very brave for coming out and saying that because everyone goes through something and I believe everyone deserves a second chance,” said Panthers fan Sharda Colbert. 

"I think everyone makes mistakes and should get a second chance without being judged,” another Panthers fan said. 

"That's part of his testimony in life we all make mistakes and we definitely do need a second chance."

Cam is hoping his own testimony empowers others to make good decisions.

"Often times when you get to a position of power or success you often forget the bridge that brought you over. I’m still a work in progress and I want people to see me to get that of me," he wrote.

"We all have made some crazy moments in the past so you live and learn and now he’s living and learning,” said another Panthers fan.