Cam Newton's Brother Talks of His Super Bowl Bound Sibling

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Caylin Newton is excited about the Carolina Panthers big win and proud his big brother, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, is headed to the Super Bowl. During today's interview with FOX 5 Atlanta's Deidra Dukes, Caylin couldn't resist giving his brother Cam a little grief about his dabbin' skills.

"When I get a first down or when I do something the dab is smooth, you supposed to feel it; you supposed to feel it no matter what side you supposed to feel it. When Cam did it he's like a robot. When he sees this I'm pretty sure he's going to see this. y'all gone got me in trouble," said Caylin.

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The 17-year-old playfully critiqued Cam Newton's celebratory dance technique. All kidding aside, Caylin, who plays quarterback for Atlanta's Grady High School, is proud of his older sibling.

Caylin Newton said, "Watching TV saying to myself every year everybody gets excited for the Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl. You get out of church early, you get out of church and everything for the Super Bowl but this time everybody's going to be getting out of church early to watch my brother."

The Carolina Panthers quarterback is Caylin's role model on and off the football field. He is just as proud of Cam Newton's philanthropic work. "Seeing him give back he does a lot of stuff behind the scenes people don't know about."

Caylin will be cheering Cam on from the stands when the Panthers take on the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl February 7.

"Man I'm proud. He made a lot of people proud, he deserves it. In the Super Bowl you'll see him have so much fun," said Caylin.

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