Camera captures crook stealing from west Charlotte home

A home burglary was caught on camera on Forestbrook Drive in west Charlotte shows a man rummaging through an apartment.

The victim reached out to FOX 46 because he thought the suspect looked similar to the suspect in a porch pirate theft we showed on FOX 46 News at 10:00.

The suspects used the same approach in their thefts.

“Using the same technique of draping a shirt over their head to avoid detection,” said Mike Kabala.

One video shows a porch pirate in the University area. The other is a home break in on Forestbrook Drive. CMPD says the thefts aren’t related, which elevated Kabala’s concerns.

“It does show that there's a real problem with crime in the Charlotte area,” he said.

In Kabala’s video, you can see the man rummaging through his home; he even yells at the dog to be quiet.

Kabala recently got a surveillance camera, which captured his dog, Cappuccino, clearly frightened by the intruder.

“I did notice the dog was smart enough to stay away from him,” he said, “and I'm glad, because I don't have this guy as a guard dog. He's my companion.”

Video also revealed the suspect came in through the upstairs window.

“I put a bar here,” Kabala described as he pointed at the window, “and extra one here to keep people from coming in through the window.”

The crook took computers, an X-box, gold coins and roughly $2,500 worth of stuff, which the insurance company reimbursed Kabala. His concern, however, is the frequency of these types of crimes.

“I think the more videos that we're able to capture of people committing these crimes, the more we can take back Charlotte,” he said.