Can you take a selfie with your ballot in NC?

A Tennessee law that took effect earlier this year bars voters from taking photographs or video while they're inside a polling location.

But, so far no one has actually been sited for breaking the law. Federal courts have struck down bans in New Hampshire and Indiana.

On Monday, a judge in Michigan blocked enforcement of a ban on ballot selfies, saying it violates free speech.

According to the board of elections in North Carolina taking a photo inside the walls of a polling location is against the law. And polling volunteers do everything in their power to protect the privacy of voters.

"It may make others uncomfortable, and we want everyone to feel totally comfortable when exercising their rights," a polling volunteer said.

FOX 46 Charlotte reporter, Jenna Caiazzo asked a voter if they thought posting a picture of them voting would encourage someone else to do so.

"Especially young people on social media," the voter said.