Candidate running for SC governor calls for return of firing squad

A Republican candidate running to be South Carolina's next governor has called for bringing back firing squads following Sunday's deadly prison riot. 

On Twitter, Catherine Templeton said firing squads should be revived in the state. She called for three changes that included fixing the state's prisons, putting criminal pill pushers behind bars, and instituting the firing squad to carry out justice. 

"It is time we treat criminals, like criminals," Templeton said. 

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Following Sunday's deadly prison riot at Lee Correctional Institution, Templeton released this statement to the public: 

“Under Henry McMaster’s watch, we’ve seen prisoners jumping fences, rioting, and putting our correctional officers in danger time and time again. McMaster can’t hide from the systemic problems facing our penal system until after the election. We need a conservative buzzsaw with the guts to do what it takes to fix the problem. As governor, I will lead a major crackdown to fix our dangerously broken corrections system and treat criminals like criminals.”

Templeton, who was the Cabinet director under former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, made her comments just over a day after the riot at the Bishopville prison that left seven inmates dead. 

Utah, Oklahoma, and Mississippi are currently the only states that have execution by firing squad.