"CANNED": A trash can valet service started by a Mount Holly 9-year-old

No one likes to take the trash out but for 9-year old Noah Empson what most people hate he sees as an opportunity.

"We thought this would be a good idea because people don't really like to take out the trash or they forget, maybe they are in a rush or they don't have time to do it," Noah Empson said.

Noah said he's a big time shark tank fan and has wanted to start his own business for a while but what could a 9-year-old do?

"He's not old enough to baby sit and he's not big enough to push a lawnmower yet, so together he and I came up with the idea that he could do a garbage service for the neighbors," Tara Empson, Noah’s mother said.

He calls it "Canned" and in its first two months 12 people have signed up. His goal is to make it affordable for all households at $5 a month.

"10 percent goes to the church, 20 percent I am allowed to spend and 70 percent goes into savings," Noah explained.

So why do this when he could be playing with friends instead?

"I’m trying to save up for a jeep wrangler, that's probably why I started just to get more money in my savings," Noah said.

"A jeep wrangler?" FOX 46 Charlotre's Yolian Ortiz said. "You can't even drive yet."

"Well, I’ll get enough money from whenever I get older to be able to do it," Noah said.

Noah has been getting a lot of attention for his business, even from a North Carolina Congressman, and plans to audition for shark tank in April, hoping to catch the eye of his favorite judge, Mark Cuban.

"If he makes the first round to audition with Mark because we watched a show from 2013, when there was a kid auditioning and Mark said he started his first business when he was 12 selling garbage bags, so since it's in the same business we are hoping he's sentimental," Empson said.

Noah plans to ask for funding for an app to expand his business where other kids can join to help spread "Canned" nationwide and hopefully create an easier way for customers to pay for the monthly service.

While the job can be a bit difficult when the trash can is bigger than you - Noah still gives it his all.

"Sometimes they can be a little hard to move, especially the green ones," Noah said.

For more information on how you can sign up for "Canned" you can email Noah at Cannedmtholly@gmail.com or call (516)-662-5423.