Car shop owner admits to writing faulty checks on camera

FOX 46 captured an admission of a crime on camera. FOX 46 confronted Charley Price, the owner of Advantage Wholesale Transmission after hearing from ex-employees who said Price wouldn’t pay them, or would write them useless checks.

We showed our story to Walter Bowers Jr., managing partner at Wooden Bowers Law. We asked if Price can be prosecuted for his on-air admission.

“This was not his first time,” Bowers said, “so he certainly was aware of what he was doing when he wrote those checks,” he continued, “I think you look at the totality of his actions as he's dealt with employees as well as customers. I think it would be possible to prove he had fraudulent intent,” Bowers said.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office says they need victims to come forward in order to move forward with criminal charges.

Bowers told FOX 46, “It's certainly something that I would suggest they continue to pursue by making contact with at least the prosecutor in that county, and certainly the attorney general.”

We went back to Salisbury to check on Keith Neely’s car. He told FOX 46 it’s been in Price’s shop since October.

“I have no hope of getting the car back,” Neely said.

When we went to the car shop today, we found it still there, untouched since last week.

Morgan Frances pressed for answers, “We came to follow up with you because you said that Keith's car was going to be done this week. It hasn't moved.”
Charley responded, “Yeah, I asked you to follow up in two weeks. I didn't know [if] I said this week.”

We checked his previous interview when he said, “Mr. Neely's car will be fixed by the end of next week.”

Price lied to our cameras yet again. When we first interviewed him, he denied using customers’ cars for personal use. Later, we saw him drive off in a customer’s car.

“The red dodge truck?” he confirmed. “The red dodge truck, I went and test drove it.”

He later added he drove a customer’s car to pay his electric bill, and get lunch.

Price claims next week, Neely’s car will be finished, he’s going to pay the money he owes employees and he’s going to buy one customer’s car, a promise he made a month ago.

FOX 46 will be there to see if it all happens.

The Attorney General’s office says they don’t’ have complaints against Price in their system, but they want to learn more.

If you think you’ve been ripped off by Price, contact their office at 1-877-5-NOSCAM or