Cardinals fan gets Super Bowl 50 tattoo before NFC Championship Game

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This wasn't a dare and he didn't lose a bet. Jose Soberanes just really loves the Cardinals. He got a tattoo on the back of his leg that says "Super Bowl 50" next to the Arizona Cardinals logo.

"We were thinking about it and I was like, bro, what if I get the Super Bowl tattoo? And he was like, seriously? And I was like, what if I do it? I was like, would you be down to do it and he was like, yeah and I was like, it's on! There's no going back, we're doing it," said Soberanes.

He got the tattoo before the Cardinals and Panthers play each other in the NFC Championship. The winner of that matchup goes to Super Bowl 50.

If the Panthers send his Cards home with a loss, he has a backup plan. 

"I'm a tattoo artist, so it's not going to take a lot for me to edit it, but I don't think I am because it's a memorable moment in my life, and everyone's going to forever remember me for it, like dude, didn't you get that Super Bowl tattoo? I'm like, yeah that was me."