Carolina Water Service customers upset over proposed rate increase

Customers with Carolina Water Service are speaking out against a proposed rate increase that could be as much as 20 percent.

The company provides water and sewer services to more than 9,000 customers in York County.

On Tuesday night, The Public Service Commission of South Carolina held a public meeting for people to voice their concerns about the proposed rate increase that is being asked by the water company. The commission will decide in the coming months if they will grant the application made by Carolina Water Service.

Before a decision is made, the commission is hosting three public meetings in areas across the state that are served by Carolina Water Service. They want feedback from those who will be impacted. 

Carolina Water Service company members told Fox 46 Charlotte that the rate increase, which is predicted to be 15 to 20 percent, is needed in order to cover operating/capital costs for the company.

Customers told the commission they can't afford to pay more and fear the rates will continue to increase for years to come. As of now, parts of York County have a contract with the water company for the next 25 years.