Carowinds Copperhead Strike back open, state now investigating injury on ride

Carowinds Copperhead Strike is back open following an injury on the thrill ride Sunday. The South Carolina Office of Elevators and Amusement rides tell FOX 46 Charlotte they are still investigating the incident which left a park guest with a thumb injury.

The thrill ride was closed until Thursday morning as the park performed what they call a safety assessment. Carowinds officials would not get into specifics about how the park guest was injured.

FOX 46 has learned rides are inspected at Carowinds by the state once a year. The last inspection for Copperhead Strike was on March 16, which passed.  

LINK: Copperhead Strike at Carowinds closed due to hand injury Sunday

Rides are inspected by both North and South Carolina inspectors depending on what side of the state line the entrance to the ride is on. That also means rules and regulations may vary between states and between rides.

According to the Carowinds website, riders rules and regulations are as follows throughout the entire park:

-Riders must report all injures before leaving.
-All riders should be in good health and free from any known and unknown health conditions.
-Riders are responsible for their own safety.

The complete rules and regulations for Carowinds guests is 18 pages long and varies between rides.

South Carolina officials tell FOX 46 Charlotte that state law requires Carowinds to report any injuries that occur on the South Carolina side of the park immediately. The park did follow that rule Sunday when the injury occurred on Copperhead Strike.