Cars allegedly sideswiped by firetrucks in Charlotte neighborhood

Cars parked in a south Charlotte neighborhood got sideswiped by a firetruck.

Charlotte Fire Department was responding to a fire, and from scanner traffic, they couldn't get through with all the cars parked on the road. From what neighbors say, this is a big problem for all drivers.

"If this house ever had a fire, they'd be screwed. They'd have to come through that area or go all the way around," said Christopher Williams who lives in the Kings Creek neighborhood.

It's a tight squeeze in some spots in the Kings Creek neighborhood in south Charlotte. So tight that firefighters didn't have enough room on Silver Arrow Drive to get to a fire Sunday night. According to scanner traffic, they had to hit the cars parked along the road to make it around the turn.

"A car's not cheap. Nobody likes their car hit."

We asked Christopher Williams - a neighbor - what he thought about the cars getting sideswiped.

"Do you think the fire department should have to pay for the damage done to the cars?"

"Of course. They did it. Just like anything, you should be held accountable."

"Even though they were doing their duty and responding to a fire and the cars were in the way?"

"I guess I can understand that."

We asked Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department who's at fault - the cars parked along the road or the fire department. They told us it's up to the insurance companies to determine who's at fault.

Meanwhile, neighbors tell us it's hard for regular cars to get through the neighborhood much less large vehicles like school buses and fire trucks.

"So is it pretty much on both sides a continuous line of cars?"

"Every day, 24-7. Every day."

We asked Charlotte Department of Transportation if drivers are allowed to park along Silver Arrow Drive. The answer is yes, but Williams says a change should be made.

"You think the HOA or someone should do something about it?"

"I do believe so if it's not too complex. The community has adjusted to it. It's also not going to help that they're building apartments over there."

Since this story was published, Charlotte Fire confirms that they conducted an investigation and found no evidence that one of their trucks sideswiped cars on the street.