Caught on camera: Police searching for suspect in Boost Mobile robbery

Police are looking for the man that broke into a Boost Mobile in west Charlotte with a gun. It was all caught on camera.

The thief got away with almost $1,500 in cash, but this is not the first Boost Mobile cell phone store to be robbed in Charlotte this year.

“It’s unexpected! Anything could have happened!” said Akiya who is a customer at the Boost Mobile store on Freedom Drive. “Whoever did that was bold and it will scare people to work there.”

Seen on security camera, the robber busts into the Boost Mobile on Freedom Drive and points a gun at two employees. Before breaking in, he was also seen peering through the window of the store, looking at who was inside.

“It’s scary I know it’s scary for them,” said Lillian Williams. “I don’t know if I could even go back to work.”

The robbery happened Monday night on a busy Freedom Drive at the corner of Camp Green Street around 7:30 p.m.

In March, the Boost Mobile on Albermarle Road was targeted. In January, thieves held up the Boost Mobile on Idlewild Road. Also in January, an attempted armed robbery turned into a murder in a cell phone repair shop in East Charlotte.

“Because they know people are buying smart phones and they want to make money,” said Williams.

Boost Mobile customer Akiya says she won’t be back to the store anytime soon. 

“You wouldn’t want to be caught up in something like that.”

In the meantime, Mary Smith has a message for the man who broke in: “Go get a job! Then you won’t have to worry about robbing anything.”