Celebrities secrets revealed in game of "Never Have I Ever"

Ellen DeGeneres is getting into the game "Never have I ever," but instead of playing with teenagers, she's playing with A-list celebrities.

Johnny Depp, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Paul Bettany stopped by the Ellen Show Thursday to promote their new film "Mortdecai," little did they know Ellen had a fun game up her sleeve where they would be sharing more about themselves than probably expected.

Some of the questions consisted of, "Never have I ever been to a nude beach," and "Never have I ever gotten a tattoo that I regret." The celebrities proceeded to answer with paddles that said, "I have," or "I have never."

We don't know for sure, but from the celebrities quick responses they seemed to be answering truthfully. The audience laughed a lot at their answers.

This video has been viral on various talk shows and social media outlets.

Ellen's YouTube page uploaded the video late Friday morning and it has already received several hundred views.

Mobile viewers click here for the full video.