Cell phone companies offer apps to help customers avoid ‘robocalls'

We've all had our phone ring and heard something like this on the other end: "We just suspended your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case, press one. Thank you!"

Robocalls are increasing every month. Youmail estimates there were 4.9 billion robocalls placed in April. That breaks down to about 14.9 per person. 

As with everything these days, there's an app to stop the constant calls. Most major cell phone providers have an app specific to their service, but it'll cost you.  

Verizon, for example, offers a program called FILTER. FILTER offers spam detection and a span filter. To see the full effects though, you’ll have to pay a $2.99 per month for full protection. 

AT&T calls their app PROTECT and its free. You will have to deal with in app purchases though, a small price to pay for free protection and no more annoying calls. 

Sprint and T-Mobile are in the mix as well. Sprint’s Premium Caller ID cost just $2.99 per month and according to their website, the service will provide enhanced spam identification. 

T-Mobile’s website claims to be the only free protection out there that stops 90 percent of scam calls. 

With more and more of these calls being made daily spam callers have brought attention to themselves from the FCC. The governing body which controls how we receive media has stated they are voting on allowing cell phone carriers to block spam calls by default. 

If this happens skeptics are worried these ‘robocallers,' will find a way around it.