Cement truck overturns on I-77 prompting safety concerns

A cement truck toppled over onto its side in the I-77 construction area Thursday. It happened inside of the concrete barriers just before Harris Boulevard exit 18. The driver went to the hospital.

Sugar Creek Construction said "the truck driver sustained no major injuries and was taken to the hospital for further evaluation."

The Department of Labor found out about the accident through FOX 46 Charlotte.

We’re told an employer has up to 24 hours before they have to notify the NC Department of Labor when a worker lands in the hospital.

If the department ends up investigating, it will look to see if the employer violated any OSHA or occupational safety and health standards.

While all of that was going on, a driver rammed into an I-77 mobility truck. The work vehicle was in a closed lane with its lights flashing. The driver who hit the work truck got out of the car and appeared to be ok.

We'll follow up Friday to find out whether or not OSHA will be investigating the I-77 work zone for any violations.

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