Central Cabarrus HS students believe threat made because of pep-rally on Friday

A photo posted by twitter user Clam Casio has Central Cabarrus High School still on high alert. Threatening students saying:

 "#CentralHeat in the gym Friday, get into the spirit with my .765's going through your skulls."

"He threatened, he's gonna come shoot the school on Friday. I don't know if I want to come," Dylan Culler said.

“People are staying at home because parents think it’s really going to happen,” Riley Helms said.  

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Central Cabarrus High school believe the threat was made because of a pep-rally this Friday against their rival’s Hickory Ridge High School.

“I think just it because of the rivalry game. People are saying it might be a student at Hickory Ridge just to spook the central kids because it's our rivals," said Ashley Conde.

FOX 46 Charlotte alerted Concord Police about this possible connection with the pep-rally.

Concord police are investigating the threat and have added security measures within the school but the department wouldn't go into details for safety reasons.

“I know teachers have locked their doors today but i think the doors are always locked but i know that today they've made awareness that the doors are locked," Helms said.

"There's about eight officers and a detective there right now. So they are stationed around the entire school, they roam the hallways and outside the school while class is in session," Conde said.

Students say seeing more police on campus makes them worry a bit, but feel confident the school has it all under control

“It feels scary because we are not safe in a way, but they are doing all they can," Conde said.

“I do actually take it seriously because it's scary and my mom was scared but we have good staff member and all that stuff," Culler said.

“Nothing's happened in school to make me suspect that there is somebody here to harm us or anything," Helms said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Concord Police Department.