CFD firefighters deploy to McDowell County following landslide

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Photo: Charlotte Fire Dept. 

Members of the Charlotte Fire Department swift-water rescue team are deploying to McDowell County, North Carolina to standby as needed following a reported landslide. 

The team plans to head to the impacted area at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 30 from the Charlotte Fire Department USAR building located at 3140 Yorkmont Road. 

A flash flood emergency and a mandatory evacuation was issued for all residents living below Lake Tahoma in McDowell County overnight. The evacuations remained in place until 10 a.m.

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According to Emergency Management officials, water was spilling around the sides of the Lake Tahoma dam and a landslide occurred on one side of the the dam, prompting a level one emergency.

The dam has not breached at this time.

North Carolina State Emergency Management reached out to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management Wednesday morning for assistance. 

Officials said these members are trained in boat operations and technical water rescue.