Chaos erupts at Plaza-Midwood community meeting

A major showdown Thursday evening at a Plaza-Midwood meeting where many thought the focus would be on peace with Mayor Roberts and CMPD in attendance. 

Many came in the hopes of learning more about the murder investigation of Ketie Jones. Others were hoping to discuss what they deemed a rather disturbing post calling for a neighborhood bike patrol to form possibly armed with handguns. 

But instead of calm conversation, it was confrontation and conflict that exploded causing Monica Zotos to take a stand. 

"When the person who is trying to conduct the meeting, who is holding his child, whose yelling with someone who is being irrational and disrespectful," Zotos said. 

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The meeting came nearly two weeks after Ketie Memory Jones was gunned down in a Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. Police believe she was attacked as she walked home. 

"We want to do whatever it takes to make the neighborhood safe and I think a lot of people were here tonight because they want to look out for that young woman who was murdered," Zotos explained. 

Making Plaza-Midwood safe was the motivation behind a controversial Facebook past, calling for a neighborhood bike patrol armed with guns. 

"I would feel very uncomfortable considering what's going on now, with guys running around on bikes. I don't know if they're trained or not carrying guns. It's a recipe for disaster," Tito Ferrari, a resident said. 

The Facebook post prompted a Black Lives Matter group to show up at the meeting. Scott Yamanarshi, who tried to start the patrol, apologized and said he only wanted to make sure people didn't walk home alone. 

"Any time we ask the public for assistance, it's not that we need firearms, but we do need assistance. This is your residence," Captain Terris said with CMPD. 

CMPD called on neighbors to be their eyes and report anything they deem suspicious, then let people investigate. There's already a neighborhood watch group that works with police and the community to report crimes. 

"Something suspicious we try to communicate to know your neighborhood. You know what's out of place. Report that in," Adam Richmond, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator said.  

While the meeting ended abruptly Thursday, the community was reassured no citizen bike group would patrol the area armed. In the meantime, CMPD is still searching for the killer who shot Ketie Jones.