Charlotte celebrates fourth annual Yard Art Day

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Artwork from Yard Art Day 2015.

This Labor Day marked the fourth year of 'Yard Art Day' in Charlotte. Deborah Triplett, a local artist, created the event during a late night Facebook session.

"I started thinking about, 'well I love front yards,'" Triplett said. "'Why couldn't we just have art in front yards,' and I thought, 'Yard Art Day!' Really, it just kind of free-flowed out of my brain late one Friday night."

Artists throughout Charlotte had very different takes on the event. Sarah Gay wanted to make her front lawn more populous.

"I thought, what would I want to do if I had to hang out in my yard all day," Gay said. "I would want company. So I just created a virtual group of company. A yard party."

Triplett said as 'Yard Art Day' has grown, it has added a social aspect that pulls communities together.

"Several people today mentioned this to me," Triplett said. "It's the first time in a long time people were spending time in their front yards, talking to people driving by, waving at people going by, because normally we're either inside our homes or in our backyards, so it's refreshing."

Triplett says individuals throghout different states have participated in the event, including one artist from California this year. Photos and additional information about the tradition are on