Charlotte City Council has first official meeting with new members

The energy was high as new faces gathered inside the Government Center in uptown Charlotte. This is the first official meeting of business that this new committee has had. 

“Well it was an exciting day you know It's kind of surreal now we're past the swearing in and we've had to do all of the reading and homework that comes along with actually being a truce sworn in Councilmember but it was good to be up here,” said Justin Harlow who represents District 2.

New member Braxton Winston did something different at the meeting by broadcasting some of it on Facebook live for his constituents. 

“I wanted to find more ways to connect constituents wig their government and vice versa because I think democracy works better when more people are involved so I think social media was really made for representative government,” Winston said. 

People in the audience turned to this new team, hopeful for change. Speaking on issues that many of these representatives ran on there were concerns about police community relations. Affordable housing was on the table as well.  

“As a senior citizen seem to have a problem here in Charlotte we have no housing,” said one woman who attended the meeting.

The council also approved a measure to expand a B-Cycle, a bicycle rental program in uptown.

Councilmembers listened and promised to follow up with people's concerns. This historic council includes the city's first African American female mayor and a younger leadership team with the average age of 46.