Charlotte City Council taking action following September protests

'Black Lives Matter,' and 'Keith Lamont Scott' -  signs held during a Charlotte City Council work session centered around policing the community.

"It has to start there. What we can see is there are a lot of people who felt invisible and not heard," CMPD Chief Kerr Putney said. 

Chief Putney spoke out with council about a community action plan - approved following the police shooting of Scott and protests that packed the streets of Charlotte afterwards. 

Council approved for The Police Foundation of Washington to review CMPD policies and procedures - as well as a citizen's review board to bring ideas for change to local policing. 

"Everyone's voice matters and that's the challenge we have because we have a lot of diverse views in the community," Mayor Roberts said. 

And while the beginning of the conversation starts here - the chief promises change. 

"This is not just conversation and talking. These are action steps that will be acted upon," he said. 

At the same time, council members like LaWana Mayfield, said while change can be good the city needs to be prepared to push back on certain demands from citizens and be reasonable. 

"I don't want staff feeling as if they need to hurry up and come with a response and we don't do this the right way," she said.