Charlotte city leaders prepare for winter storm

Charlotte city leaders are telling everyone to be aware of the dangers of winter weather and to prepare for the worst.

"It's a changing situation and before you go out, see what's going on out there,” said Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee.

From Solid Waste to CATS, this impending weather, so far, isn't stifling city operations.
However, necessary steps are being taken by many agencies to ensure everything remains in working order.

"Tonight we will continue to operate our trains, little bit out of the ordinary, but we do that so we can keep the tracks clear and the overhead wires clear of ice and snow,” said CATS Executive Director John Lewis.

“All the city tree crews, they're on call,” said Interim City Arborist Tim Porter. “Response crews are prepared ready to clear debris as needed from Streets. Our priority is to focus on major thoroughfares."

Medic officials, meanwhile, hope to stay off of the major thoroughfares, but they have advice for those who have no other choice.

"You want to make sure that you're not following too close, that you're going to be able to stop if needed,” said MEDIC Emergency Preparedness Supervisor Michael Stanford. “Then slow your speed down. You know, honestly, really we want people to stay home when there's a weather event.”

And so does the Red Cross, which is ready to respond should a need for assistance present itself.

“We're prepositioning supplies, individuals, vehicles, etc, so that we can respond to those needs as quickly as possible,” said Regional Director of the American Red Cross Angela Broome.

But as with any impending weather event, officials say the best thing you can do is stay informed.

“Stay in touch with your news outlet  and get the latest news before you go out so that you can be safe,” said Carlee.