Charlotte community activists demand justice on a variety of issues

Rally participants said they want justice on a variety of social and criminal justice issues. They are calling on the Charlotte City Council to make change happen and for a moratorium on political campaigning during Black History Month.

“Please tell them stop asking for our money, stop asking for our votes, stop asking for our support if you can’t support us. We can’t support you,” Andrew Fede said, community organizer.

Nearly 50 people rallied outside the government center holding signs for what they feel needs to change in the city.

“Every citizen has the right to equity. But more importantly to a good quality of life and to leave their homes and return safely,” Rev. Corine Mack said, president of Charlotte NAACP.

Organizers said city leaders have been passive and have been playing political football with the communities civil rights.

“We’ve petitioned, we’ve emailed, we’ve spoke with them, and we’ve met. They have not moved on anything that our people have asked for,” Fede said.

Community leaders asked for changes and resolutions following the September shooting of Keith Scott. They said so far, nothing has happened.  

“We’re calling on them to stick to their word. They promised us a lot of things. They promised they would make changes to CRB, they promised they would implement changes to CMPD and how they operate. They haven’t done any of that,” Fede explained.

Leaders said it’s all about action and they are willing to help.

“I’m willing to sit with you and do that. Whatever it takes to move our city forward, whatever it takes for us to begin to look at each other from a human perspective and not race or sexual orientation or religious beliefs,” Rev. Mack said.