Charlotte crews prepare trees for cankerworms

Trees in Charlotte are ready for cankerworm season.

Cankerworms tend to target willow oak trees. As a defense, crews are wrapping bands around trees on city property.

The bands are coated with a sticky substance that stops the worms from crawling past and causing damage to the tree.

City officials say now is the time to band trees because the cankerworms are starting to emerge from the ground and climb up trees.

"Waiting until Christmas, that gives the worms a head start,” said Steve Ketner, Tree Management Supervisor with the City of Charlotte. “You may miss a large percentage of the female insects at that point.”

Charlotte crews are banding 6,000 Willow Oak trees on city land this week.

They expect to be finished on Friday.

Property owners are encouraged to have their willow oak trees wrapped as soon as possible.