Charlotte dad says Richmond Co. deputies brutalized him, used racial slurs during arrest

A father who says he was unjustly arrested during his own son's football game is pushing to get the charges dropped and the officers involved fired. The whole ordeal was caught on camera. 

“Hey Officer Allen now can you explain to me why you locked my son up?” you can hear Stephen Sings Sr. say in the video from that night. 
Sings says Richmond County deputies tased him eight times while placing him under arrest at a football game Friday in Rockingham. The whole ordeal was captured in a Facebook Live video. 

“They kicking my Daddy! What's wrong with ya'll?” Sings son says in the video. 

In the live video, you can see officers turning the taser on Sings’ son. Sings was there watching his youngest son, a star player for Vance High School, in a playoff game when his other son was arrested for disorderly conduct. When Sings asked why his son was being put in handcuffs, he was forcibly arrested. 

He said he feared for his life and his children’s safety.

"It's the worst part of my life I could ever hear my child like ‘they kicking my Daddy, they tasing my Daddy, they punching my Daddy,’” Sings told FOX 46.

Sings is charged with assault on six officers, injury to personal property, disorderly conduct. Now, his attorney is calling for the charges to be dropped and the officers arrested.

"You’ve got the first amendment right to speak whatever you want to say. You don't have to use your fists, or your baton or your taser to hurt me because I’m speaking out," said Sings.

During the violent arrest Sings says one officer repeatedly called him the n-word before his body went limp. Now he wants answers. 

"I’m like why are ya'll doing this. I'm trying to figure out why they were being so aggressive toward me when I didn't do nothing to deserve what they done,” Sings said. 

So far at least one officer has been placed on leave.

Sings’ attorney says the Richmond County Sheriff is investigating.

A rally is planned outside the Sheriff's Office for Saturday at 9 a.m. and players on the Vance football team will be wearing decals supporting sings during their championship game Saturday.

This story was reported on from Charlotte, N.C.