Charlotte dodges bulk of storm, deals with power outages

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The worst of Tropical Storm Hermine dodged the Charlotte Metro - but still left behind plenty of damage for homeowners. 

Residents told FOX 46 Charlotte it was between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Friday when winds really started whipping from Hermine. It didn't take much for trees to come down and power to go out for hundreds of homes. 

Duke Energy crews raced against sunset to restore power to customers along Sulkirk Road. 

A large tree, tumbling in the high winds, landed right on top of power lines. As soon as the tree was removed, power was restored within a matter of minutes. 

But another outage a few blocks away on Park Road took much longer. Another large tree, resting on power line, near a transformer. Hundreds of homeowners without power - traffic lights plunged into darkness. 

Neighbors said the winds suddenly started swirling. 

"Sitting on my porch out in the back here. A big gust of wind came. This area kind of circles because we are a little bit elevated and you could hear some popping. Some sizzling popping. And then kind of a loud explosion about two or three in a row."

Emergency crews quickly arrived on scene Friday, blocked off traffic and secured the area. This wasn't the first time this summer folks living along Park Road have had to deal with a power outage. 

"You are always ready for power to go out when it rains this much. The tree in front of our house has to be 100 years old and it's on top of power lines and you see all the large trees. Every time the wind gusts, you can see it circling right now, blowing them sideways kind of going in circles you just think a big limb could come down."

The tree that came down on Sulkirk Road was noticeably rotted at the bottom. Although power lines were repaired at the site, there were still a couple dozen without power in the area. 

Duke Energy was circling the neighborhood to find the source of the outage.