Charlotte Douglas packed as peak holiday travel days hit

Almost 30,000 more people are expected to fly out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Thursday, and that number is only going to increase as the countdown to Christmas is on. 

“It's definitely a lot more crowded than what it usually is. I travel a lot and maneuvering through the crowds was very hard,” one passenger told FOX 46. 

“Definitely very busy, a lot of people here,” said another.

Already around 100,000 passengers go through the airport each day. Add an additional 29,000, and
travelers are feeling the Christmas crush. 

“It's busier than normal, but my little ones have found some dogs you have here and they have been really friendly and letting them pet them,” one mother said. 

For others, just getting to Charlotte has been quite the journey.  

“We're just getting here to Charlotte from South Africa. We stopped in D.C. as well as in Ghana. I had a very long day. We left on Wednesday and it's Thursday now so yeah it's been forever.”

“I left my house around 5:30. I got on my first flight around 9 and got to Newark, Newark is terrible. It took forever to get off the air and my flight took a long time to taxi, but I got here safe and sound,” said another traveler.

Friday will be the peak travel day, topping out at an additional 31,000 people, so arrive prepared.

“I make sure I have enough time getting to where I need to go so I’m not late for my flight and just knowing there will be crowds and that I have to be patient with everyone.”