Charlotte-Douglas sees long lines, traffic ahead of Thanksgiving

“We did a little long term parking dropped the wife and kid off first but we're doing pretty good so far so good,” said Charlotte-Douglas Airport traveler Josh Acevedo. 

14-month-old Grant doesn't seem too happy, but things at the airport went smoothly for his parents. 

“Getting in and out is actually pretty easy even though this is like the biggest traveling day of the year,” Acevedo said. 

The day before Thanksgiving was projected to be Charlotte-Douglas's second busiest day for all of Thanksgiving week, when it comes to the number of passengers who take off or fly into the airport. but it didn't seem busy before mid-afternoon. 

“There's nobody here I'll get through security in twenty minutes,” said passenger Sean Williams. 

"It's good for me because I don't have to worry there's a crowd, 'oh, I can't maneuver how I need to,'" said Arnita Andrews. 

There are some changes on the outside passengers should know about, 1700 new parking spaces have been added. 

There's construction on concourse A, B, and C, and new bus lanes. The CATS sprinter bus goes directly from center city to the airport and the cell phone lot has moved.

The old lot will eventually be converted into more long term parking spaces. 

“It's busier than normal but I think that they've planned very well for it, you notice that they've doubled up staff the parking is actually manageable,” said another passenger. 

It’s a pretty big relief for everyone, but especially those with young travelers.