Charlotte family says someone set fire to memorial for man killed by police

A Charlotte family says a memorial for their loved one who was killed by police nearly eight years ago was burned to ashes sometime earlier this week. 

A CMPD officer killed Lareko Antonio Williams with a taser back in 2011. A memorial has been at the scene off Old Pineville Road near the CATS light rail station ever since. That is, until earlier this week when they believe someone torched it. 

“They need some sort of mental health,” mother Meko McCarthy said about whoever might be responsible.

Williams was 21 years old when he died. His older sister remembers the day all too well.

"This is where my brother took his last breath," sister Lameka Jackson said.

Officers were called to the light rail station over a domestic dispute that involved Williams. 

"[The officer] took the initiative to sit here and tased my brother above the waist by tasing him in his chest, sending him into cardiac arrest, and not only did he tase him one time, he tased him multiple times," Jackson said.

The officer was never charged but a federal jury decided the officer used excessive force and awarded the family a settlement during a civil case, but no amount of money brings back their loved one.

"I was devastated," McCarthy said.

The family can't imagine anyone wanting to set fire to his memorial.

Family says they'll be reviewing nearby security cameras with CMPD on Friday.

In the meantime, near the charred concrete and on top of burnt grass, they're rebuilding, one piece at a time with new items to place at the memorial.

"It's going to keep me going," McCarthy said.