Charlotte family searching for missing emotional support animal

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A Charlotte family is searching for their emotional support animal, who went missing while being watched by a family acquaintance. 

Chancho's disappearance has devastated his family. The beloved rescue was being watched by the acquaintance, who was doing some work around the house.

"He became the best dog. Everyone loves him, such a good boy, doesn't even have to go out on a leash, and I can't sleep at night thinking about him running around when its storming, not knowing where he is," Amanda Collado said. 

Now Chancho's mom is begging for anyone who may have seen her sweet boy to please help bring him home.

"Animals are family too, they're just like kids. You know, you raise them, you make them who they are, you teach them and they become a part of you. I know that they can be cute and sweet and if you find one you may not want to give it back."

Collado says her four-year-old daughter is heartbroken and wants her best friend back. Chancho is a timid little guy but instantly recognizable by his ears-- one sticks up, one flops down.

If you've seen Chancho, please let us know by emailing us at or you can message us on our Facebook page. Let's get results and get Chancho back home to his family.