Charlotte family still looking for answers in son's unsolved murder

A Charlotte family is hoping someone can help them find answers nearly 9 years after someone murdered their loved one.

Alan Stevens was shot and killed at an apartment complex on Firewood Lane in December of 2006. The murder is still unsolved.

Tuesday his mother came forward hoping someone has information to help find the person who killed her son.

"There are people out there who saw something, they heard something.  And just think 9 years ago this happened whoever saw that you're a parent give the police anything that you heard, anything that you saw because someday it could be your child and you won't be able to say happy birthday to them," Teri Mayo said.

Fox 46 has been following this cold case for more than a year now. There were two suspects involved in the deadly shooting, according to detectives.

Call Crime Stoppers if you have any information that can solve this cold case.