Charlotte family still trying to recover from water main break that flooded at-home daycare

The cold temperatures could create more problems for neighbors in south Charlotte with the city still working to repair a water main break along Park Road that happened more than a month ago. 

One family is still trying to fix the damage caused by the water and figure out who's responsible for the bill.

Video shows what looks like floodwaters running into the Anic family's home, but the family says it's not just the damage that has them worried, it's the amount of money it's taking to get things back to how they were before this happened. 

Nina Anic took the video from her basement while running her at-home daycare. All of a sudden she saw rushing waters heading her way. Her son says it's been a nightmare for the family since then.

"I was honestly just devastated," Benjamin Anic said. 

The water main break happened back in September. Construction is continuing in the area as crews work to replace a storm drain, but the Anic family says things are far from being back to normal.

Water flooded the playground, the floors and even destroyed the walls. 

"It's out of their control and they can't stop it and the city told them the city wasn't liable," Benjamin said. 

Now the question is who's responsible for the cost of repairs?

The Anic family has spent thousands in repairs to get their home business back to code. Ben says it's heartbreaking to watch his parents have to work so hard.  

"My stomach just sunk because you immediately started thinking ‘how are they going to handle this?’”  

The Anic family says this isn't the first time a water issue has plagued their home. The most recent was in July of 2018 but they say this is the worst.

For Ben, he says his parents were close to retiring now he say.

"With this, I don't know that they'll ever get to that point." 

For now, the family says they're continuing to pay for things out of their own pocket and they hope that changes soon.