Charlotte family's Christmas ruined by thief who stole truck, presents

A Charlotte family's Christmas has been ruined thanks to someone who stole their truck—which had all of the gifts hidden inside.

Tire tracks are all that’s left after a thief stole a pearl colored Chevy Avalanche from the family’s home on Sunman Rd. Thursday night. 
The owner of the truck is hoping whoever took it understands how much it means to her and has a heart big enough to return it.

“My father passed away in may so it was an inheritance. So, I don't really care about anything inside the truck because that's just materialistic, the truck is more sentimental to me because that's all I have left of him,” April Rhodes said. 

Around 10:45 p.m. on Thursday her daughter realized their truck was gone from the driveway where she'd just parked it an hour prior.

"I tried to use every means necessary. I called OnStar, OnStar couldn't help me. I think I called Sirius XM, they couldn't help me, so I had to just wait until the police came to just file a report."

All of her children's Christmas gifts including clothes, jewelry, toys, and a bike were hidden inside the truck when it was stolen, but she says it's her dad's things that she wants returned. 

"A necklace that was in there, his sunglasses were still in there, his shoes were still in there. It was a struggle; I haven't parted ways yet so every time I get in the truck it brings me comfort."

Rhodes hit the streets asking neighbors if they saw anyone pull off in the truck. She says it has West Virginia plates on the front and back and a black cover over the bed. So far her search turned up empty so she broke the news to her kids.

"I told them once I realized they took the truck and I said your gifts were in there and they were upset and started crying. They were just like ‘this is the worst Christmas ever,’ I was like ‘but I’ll make it work,’"

Rhodes says she hopes the thief is being blessed by the gifts in the car. All she wants is the truck back in one piece. Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers.