Charlotte firefighters give presents to family who lost their home on Christmas

When a blaze broke out at a home in north Charlotte firefighters responded quickly, but they took an extra step to help out a family who lost their home on the holiday and reminding everyone about the true meaning of Christmas. 

“It could’ve been worse so I thank God everyone made it out and my son made it out and his safe.” 

The family is displaced after a fire ripped through part of their home.

“I look out the kitchen window and start seeing smoke and I went to the living room and look out that window and see people in front of the house saying get out the house get out the house and then I went to the back and saw a bunch of fire and smoke,” said Justin Naravaez. 

Narvaez was asleep when he woke up to a foul smell and saw the smoke and flames.

“It’s not about how unfortunate, it’s about how fortunate and blessed we are because it’s the holiday, it's Christmas and my son made it out the house," his mother said. 

Firefighters say the flames broke out in a storage room in the back of the home and quickly moved toward the attic. They say combustible materials were placed too close to a hot water heater.

“My neighbors called me they got my son out of the house even people coming by were saying come out of the house the house is on fire so they were able to get him out and save whatever they could of mine,”

Neighbors and fire crews reacted quickly with firefighters stepping in to get results and bring Christmas gifts for the family.

“The fire service never stops so on Christmas day its especially tough when a family is displaced and there were four individuals displaced in this fire,” CFD Batallion Chief Joshua Johnson said. 

Despite the difficulty the family is facing, they remain grateful. 

“It’s the overwhelming support of our local firefighters that has this family feeling thankful. It’s overwhelming and I appreciate the help I’m getting.”