Charlotte firefighters recovering after rollover crash

Two firefighters are recovering after the fire truck they were on overturned this weekend. 

"They're very very very lucky. God was definitely on their side," said Assistant Fire Chief Tommy Towner.

The two work with the Cooks Volunteer Fire Department. The accident happened on Sunday 

"There’s very extensive damage, got some knocked out windows," Towner said.

The fire truck rolled over when the first responders were on their way to a car on fire near Harris Blvd. and I-485.

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“Damage to the vehicle was extensive so we are fortunate both members could get out and walk to the ambulance on their own,” said Towner.

Both men involved have been treated and released for minor injuries, and we are told they are experienced firefighters.

“After the entire accident we were out of service for five hours and now we are back to full staff with the exception of the two home resting, and we are running calls as normal." 

The cab of the truck was detached from the part where the tools are typically kept, and the engine was completely totaled. 

“You can look at this there are a lot of wrecks we see on a daily basis that people don’t make it out of so for our guys to make it out of this very very blessed,” said Towner.

The fire department says this has been a minor setback, but that everyone is just thankful for both the outpouring of support and the well-being of the two firefighters involved.

“Panic and shock are the first things and once we were able to get everything under control it became very humbling the outpouring from the community. Very fortunate it could’ve been much worse and we got away with minor injuries."

Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate. The fire department is waiting to hear from its insurance company to figure out how to replace that engine.