Charlotte Hornets new scoreboard unveiled

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The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their new scoreboard Friday afternoon at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The new center-hung scoreboard, which is one of the biggest in the NBA, consists entirely of high definition electronic LED panels, with the screen forming the entire face of the scoreboard. The two sideline boards are the tallest in the NBA at 25.2’ high x 42.8’ wide, while the two baseline boards are 18’ high x 31.3’ wide. In terms of square footage, the sideline boards are 180% larger and the baseline boards are 50% larger than the screens on the previous scoreboard, providing Hornets fans with an enhanced game experience. The panels on the previous center-hung scoreboard each measured 16’ high x 24’ wide, according to a spokesperson for the Hornets.

Additionally, the new scoreboard has two underbelly screens measuring 9.8’ high x 16.5’ wide to provide a better view for those fans sitting in courtside and lower-level club seats. The underbelly screens are the largest in the NBA.


  • Sideline screen size: 25.2’ x 42.8’
  •  Baseline screen size: 18’ x 31.3’
  • One of the largest scoreboards in the NBA
  • Tallest scoreboard in the NBA
  • Highest-quality HD available: 1080p – the only true 1080p HD board in the NBA
  • One of the highest-resolution scoreboards in the NBA
  • All LED/electronic panels; screen is the entire face of the scoreboard
  • Two (2) underbelly display screens (9.8’ x 16.5’) that are the largest in the NBA
  • Hornets-branded elements make it one of the NBA’s most unique designs
  • Open-face structure allows fans to see through to scoreboard’s “hive” (cell pattern cladding/branding)
  • Artistic expression that represents the home of the Hornets
  • Spider lighting technology allows for the ability to change inside of scoreboard to any color


  • New addition to the upper level
  • Screen size: 16’ x 26’
  • Larger screens than the previous center-hung scoreboard
  • Each board features a video screen flanked by static signage  on each side
  • More opportunities for increased video, game statistics, information, interactivity
  • Improves the fan experience in the upper level


  • Project also included installation of new lower and upper LED ribbon boards
  • Center-hung scoreboard is twice the size of the previous scoreboard but utilizes the same amount of power and weighs 7,000 pounds less
  • Scoreboard built by Samsung
  • Project required transporting 35 truckloads of material from Utah
  • At over 25’, the center-hung sideline screens are taller than 125 46” TVs stacked on top of each other