"Charlotte" joins CMPD Animal Care & Control family

CMPD Animal Care & Control was part of a role reversal Tuesday when they adopted a dog of their own to become a member of the CMPD family.

"When we found out she was coming up here I was a little emotional," said Senior Animal Control Enforcement Officer, Scott Kish.

It was a homecoming for a dog familiar to CMPD Animal Care & Control officers who first met the dog three months ago.  Officers returned to Hurricane Matthew ravaged Eastern North Carolina to adopt the dog they could never forget.

"We fed her, we did a care stop on her. Just driving away, she just started following us. A lot of them don't do that. They run from you," said Officer Kish.

Instead the dog jumped in the CMPD truck, snuggling up with the officers who helped her. She spent the last 3 months at the Edgecombe County Animal Shelter, but her owner never picked her up.

On Friday CMPD Animal Care & Control officers paid a visit, to adopt the dog. They've now appropriately named her Charlotte, but she isn't just any dog. She's replacing a 14 year veteran of the CMPD force.

"Ebony has decided it is time for her to retire," said Officer Julia Conner.

Complete with cake and a new bed, Ebony the CMPD education dog will be living the retired life while Charlotte takes over.

"For Charlotte to come in and take her place it's exciting and it's new, but it's a also a little sad because she has been part of the family here," said Officer Conner.

Education dogs are sometimes used as therapy dogs for officer on the CMPD force. Charlotte will be training with her handler over the next few weeks before she is put into action.