Charlotte leaders protect city from terror threat and ensure safety

Many cities on high alert, after terror attacks wreaked havoc, and took innocent lives in Paris. Now, the Chief of Police is in close communication with federal agents, to make sure we are ahead of anything that could head our way. While the city of Charlotte isn’t on an official terror attack list, the city of preparing for the worst.

Chief Kerr Putney said, "I don't want people who intend to hurt us, to know what we are doing. But we are doing a lot of things."

One of the things that could streamline the emergency response team here in Charlotte is the construction of a new joint communications center. It will be home to police and fire 911, the city’s 311 service, and county’s emergency operation center, all of which are in different buildings now.

Chief Putney said, "We've had 1.2 million calls come through the 911 center already this year, which is significant."

The location of the new center will be behind the fire headquarters on Statesville Ave. But the concern among city leaders is that the new building could be too susceptible to an attack. With some of the concerns about it’s proximity to the street, and the ability for the windows and walls to sustain a terror attack.