Charlotte leaders push back against bill forcing sheriffs to work with ICE

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) -- There are renewed concerns within Charlotte’s immigrant community following action taken by lawmakers in Raleigh Wednesday.

The Require Sheriff Cooperation with ICE act passed the House Wednesday. The bill would require sheriff’s to cooperate with ICE agents' requests. Should the bill pass the Senate, it could have major impacts on the Queen City.

In Mecklenburg County, the sheriff’s office does nothold jail inmates who are in the country illegally, otherwise known as 287g.

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“For the state government to tell a sheriff’s department to get in the business of federal immigration enforcement, to me, is having them play out of their lane,” said City Council Member Larkin Egleston.

Charlotte City Council’s new Immigrant Community Committee met Thursday for the first time. It was created following hundreds of ICE arrests in February.

Council Member Dimple Ajmera worries the new bill could split immigrant families once again.

“That is a concern of mine because this is a matter of protecting all our residents including our immigrants,” said Ajmera.

The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association says they are against the bill, saying it’s not the right way to tackle the immigration issue in the state.

The Immigration Community Committee plans to meet again in two weeks.