Charlotte man arrested after shooting 70-year-old with paintball gun

A 70-year-old park ranger is spending the evening with his family after someone shot him in the head with a paintball gun.

The good news is that the park ranger is doing OK. He got a few bruises and scratches from the paintball, but he told FOX 46 it didn't hurt him as much as it startled him.

Police found and arrested Tyrell Pace for shooting the park ranger with the paint gun. He's charged with reckless driving and fleeing arrest. This is the 10th time Pace has been arrested since January of last year.

Wednesday's paint ball shooting at Reedy Creek Park was just the first of a handful of paintball shootings throughout Charlotte.

On Thursday, there were there were four others across the Queen City-- all of them targeting peoples homes or vehicles. No one has been charged yet in connection with the four paintball shootings yesterday.

The park ranger at Reedy Creek Park couldn't comment on camera, but from the few moments that we spoke off camera, the 70-year-old seems to be doing all right after getting shot in the head with the paintball gun.