Charlotte man lives off Rollerblading, recognized internationally

A Charlotte man has just placed third at an international rollerblading competition in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Montre Livingston (28-years old) placed in the Blade Days competition. Livingtson is a professional rollerblader based out of Charlotte. He has a long list of sponsors that foot his bills and pay his living. Livingston travels the country and world on rollerbladers. He leaves on July 20 for a competition in Sweden -- where he also hosts a skate camp.

"When I started rollerblading, I always had the idea that I was going to become a pro skater," Livingston said.

He has even built a private practice facility, made up of skate ramps, in his Plaza Midwood backyard. The facility is not open to the public, but it does provide a place for Livingston to practice a craft he has been working on since Age 4.